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EvolvES (Evolution for Earth Sustainability) connects evolutionary biology and diversity to human well-being, promotes the development of new strategies and tools for documenting biodiversity and studies the causes and consequences of diversification.

Five Clusters

The thematic clusters are further divided in sub-clusters

Agro-BiodiversityMauricio Bellon
Ehsan Dulloo
Licia Colli
Fisheries GeneticsHitoshi Araki
Phylogenetic Diversity PhylogeneticsRosa Scherson
Conservation GeneticsFelix Forest
Ella Vázquez-Domínguez
Gernot Segelbacher
Population GeneticsElla Vázquez-Domínguez
One Health
Microbial Diversity & Evolution
Rees Kassen
Britt Koskella
Global Change Evolution
Urban Evolution
Eco-evolutionary Feedback
Marc Johnson
Luc De Meester
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Our global distribution

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The history

EvolvES was formerly initiated as the bioGenesis Network in 2017.